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Covid -19 


The impact of Covid -19 has affected us all and in a variety of different ways, but ultimately we have been in this together. The wellbeing and health of my clients and students have always been and will continue to be my top priority.

So, when you come through the door, please be rest assured that all safety protocols and procedures are in place (as they have always been) - whether you have come to learn Reiki or for a Massage, Reflexology or Reiki session.

I have also undertaken a special Covid-19 infection control training and hold an ITEC qualification.

Additionally, I have had two vaccinations and the booster/

I am also enrolled in the Office for National Statistics National Covid Survey - which is ongoing for the foreseeable future. Once a month, a professional comes to my home and I am swab tested for Covid-19 & have a blood sample taken to be tested for antibodies. (I currently have high antibodies) Being enrolled in such a study gives me, my clients and students additional peace of mind. For more information on the study, please visit the National Statistics page here 



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