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Reflexology treatments available for home visit or The Wellbeing Workshop 

interactive reflexology footmap

The ancient healing art of Reflexology is based on the principle that by applying pressure to points (reflexes) on the foot (and hand) you can stimulate the corresponding area of the body (see interactive foot map) aiding the body in healing and balancing helping to restore homoeostasis. The parts of the body that are out of balance will feel uncomfortable or tender when the corresponding reflex point (on the foot) is being worked on - the degree of which indicates the level of imbalance. It's amazing what the feet can tell you... 

The sensitivity of the feet will vary from person to person and from session to session.

Reflexology is a great support for general wellbeing, boosting the immune system, relaxation, balancing energy, sleep disorders, stress, recovery from illness, fertility issues, balancing hormones, sciatica, digestive problems, headaches, water retention, hangovers, detoxing the body and throughout pregnancy. Reflexology is also an ideal treatment for the elderly, infirm, post-op, cancer patients, babies or anyone for whom full a body massage may not be suitable.

A treatment is generally very relaxing and restorative as all the systems of the body are treated. Each session includes a full foot and lower leg massage.


For specific issues / conditions, a course of treatments may be beneficial as Reflexology can have a cumulative effect.








Interactive Reflexology Footmap
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