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Reiki Lineage.

Reiki lineage refers to the line of Reiki Masters that connects the student to Dr Usui. For traditional Reiki, the lineage begins with Dr Usui and continues with one of his Reiki masters and then to one of theirs and so on. For a healing system to be called Reiki and be recognised, the lineage must trace directly back to Dr Usui.

As you will see the lineage I have is strong, this means that any Reiki Attunement passed on will be so too.

My Reiki Master, Janice Leonard chose to seek knowledge from both the Japanese and Western lineages. Japanese Reiki is much more intuitive and spiritual and in keeping with Japanese culture, whereas western Reiki has been adapted to be a more practical and methodical approach to healing. 

To put it another way, Japanese Reiki is a spiritual practice that is healing whereas western Reiki is a healing system that is spiritual.

Should I become your Reiki Master, your lineage will be both Western and Japanese. The certificates will state Usui Shiki Ryoho but techniques from both lines are taught.


 My Reiki Lineage is:






  • Dr Mikao Usui  

  • Kanichi Taketomi 

  • Ms Koyama

  • Dr Allan J Sweeney

  • Janice Leonard  




  • Dr Mikao Usu

  • Dr Chujiro Hayashi                      

  • Mrs Hawayo Takata  

  • Bethal Phaigh                                

  • William L Rand   

  • Chris Parkes

  • Janice Leonard

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