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Massage Therapy.

Available for home visit or at The Wellbeing Workshop in North London

I believe in a completely holistic approach to massage – before each treatment, there is a discussion to determine the focus and needs of my client.  I then combine this with my intuitive approach to massage to deliver an individually tailored treatment using a combination of styles and techniques.

Blending techniques from the East and West, this firm, restorative massage, works at a deeper level to release tense, contracted and stressed muscles, tendons and fascia. Ideal, pre / post sports and for chronic issues. Deep tissue massages are completed with a hand, neck, head massage and Reiki - so perfect for those who like to be 'fixed' but also relaxed.

60 mins / 75 mins / 90 mins 





Combining Swedish massage, and deeper tissue techniques, stretches and Reiki. Holistic massage is excellent for relaxation, soothing tight muscles, releasing physical /emotional tension while boosting energy levels and bringing a sense of wellbeing and balance.

60 mins / 75 mins / 90 mins


Deep Tissue
deep tissue masage

Prenatal massage is a specially adapted treatment combining massage, Reflexology and Reiki for mothers to be. Helping to balance body and mind, restoring tired muscles, promoting relaxation, boosting energy and relieving water retention.

The baby will benefit too.

60 mins / 75 mins / 90 mins



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